Fisher-Price Talk To Baby Digital Monitor with dual receivers


First time parents are more or less always nervous about whether their little bundle of joy will be all right or not, and whenever they let baby sleep in a different room, they would sleep better with a Baby Digital Monitor in hand just in case baby makes some noise at night. Fisher-Price aims to offer some sense of peace and security with the Talk To Baby Digital Monitor with dual receivers, where this $89.99 purchase will allow you to communicate with your little one without having to enter the nursery. After all, you might be busy preparing dinner in the kitchen, and want to soothe baby’s crying but can’t do so at the moment simply because you’re attending to your meal preparation at the moment. Just talk into your receiver and you’re good to go, as the receiver sports Accu-Clear Technology that delivers better clarity than DECT. Not only that, you are able to shut off the built-in nightlight without having to enter baby’s nursery thanks to a touch of a button!

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