Zippo Emergency Fire Starter Kit

“I’m a firestarter, twisted firestarter!” Who could ever forget the lyrics to that song by The Prodigy? Well, the closet pyromaniac in you might find this brightly colored Zippo Emergency Fire Starter Kit to be worth a purchase, since we all know that you can’t blow a Zippo out, not to mention it being a whole lot more reliable to light up camp fires instead of using old school firestarters. You need not suffer from cold and damp conditions any more since the Zippo Fire Starter Kit will come with waxed tinder sticks. At £19.95, the Zippo Emergency Fire Starter Kit is the fuss-free method to light fires, being not only quick but reliable to make it an essential outdoor camping tool. All you need would be to pull out a waxed tinder stick, fray the edges and follow it up with the flint-wheel. All tinder sticks are lovingly kept within the waterproof orange case so that everything will remain dry, no matter how torrential the rain outside is.