Iran’s Bavar 2 flying machine-gun boats

I have heard a lot about how president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is very outspoken of the United States, the United Kingdom, not to mention Israel. Usually, when I see him on the news, it is in association with nuclear arms.

This is apparently the Iranian weapon that we don’t hear about. I guess they would hardly be weapons of mass destruction, but the Bavar 2 fleet would scare me if I saw them flying in from the horizon.

Every plane in this fleet has machine guns, as well as surveillance cameras. I have some video after the jump so you can watch them fly and go across the water.

I have to admit that they are downright impressive. According to my Source:

The delivery comes as Iran celebrates its Week of Sacred Defense, which commemorates its eight-year-long resistance to the 1980 Iraqi invasion, according to the Fars News Agency.

I’m not really certain what Iran has planned for these guys. They look brand spanking new and have no doubt never seen combat. I really hope that they will not, honestly.

Does anyone know if the military has some sort of amphibious plane like this in their arsenal? Like in the United States or Great Britain, maybe?



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  1. Really? This is what scares you?? I mean, if I saw them coming over the horizon, I would be frightened in that they have machine guns and I personally don’t. But I’d hate to see what would happen to their “cutting edge” weaponry against an F-22 Raptor.

    The fact of the matter is that these are basically biplanes with machine guns welded on top. They don’t even have jet engines. They are about as aerodynamic as shoe box, can’t carry much of a payload, and no doubt are too top heavy to be as agile as their size allows.

    Shaking in my boots.

  2. F-22 is a state of art fighter jet with multiple usage n ofcourse flyng-bots r definatly no match for Raptors, but, since iran do not have a world takeover agenda,therefore do not send his navy across the globe, bots r seem to be effective deffensive n even offensivee tactical units in persian gulf…

  3. Yeah, they aren’t very hi-tech, but you don’t need hi-tech weapons to kill people (see: IEDs). I think the whole point of these planes is that, by approaching from sea level where they’re relatively hard to detect on radar, they can slip past a carrier group’s radar systems and patrolling fighters and attack the carrier from close range, where all the fancy missiles in the world won’t do any good.

    This raises 2 significant questions:
    (1) Can they carry heavier ordnance (torpedoes, missiles or bombs) which might pose a threat to a warship?
    (2) Are carrier-based CIWS systems like the Phalanx capable of intercepting them in the air? At sea level?

    Also, don’t discount prop planes. American Skyraiders and Corsairs gave a good accounting of themselves in Vietnam. The AC-130 is a propeller plane, and as a former grunt I can tell you I wouldn’t want to see one of those on the bad guys’ side. Even with Iran’s technological lag, it’s safe to assume these aircraft are, at the very least, quite a bit more advanced than that.

  4. This is actually a knock off design that the US Navy created and used back in the 50s/60s and the Soviets also have a similar “Flying Boat” technology on a grander scale. The Navy version was the X-28 and there have been several flying boat concepts over the years.

    Don’t be all that surprised that Iran has these plans since they used to be American allies before they came under Imam leadership. The President probably had people comb the military archives for viable technology that they could re-create and turn into weaponry for self-defense. Actually if Tehran sold these as un-armed version to rich people they could probably make a nice niche marketing in say the “Red Bull Racing League” I would be interested to see these as racing sea planes like in the old days.

    The problem is that they are no match for most modern military aircraft. An H-60 with a missile Air to Air or Surface could probably blast one of these out of the sky pretty easily. The Predator Drones are also able to take these out to. Then on to heavier planes F-15/16/18 could even knock them out of the sky with a sonic boom over top of them.

  5. So where is the weapontry?????
    What does it carry???? Besides 2 people….yuk-yuk
    The Barrett M82A1 with AN/PVS-10 day/night optical site should be a nice way to take out that target 🙂
    Downrange…………..1 .50 cal round — “API”

  6. These things are nothing more than arial transportation for homicide bombers. The IRGN is going to strap some sap into one and send them on a course toward a U.S. Warship or some defenseless commercial ship.

  7. We just want to protect ourself from danger. Don’t worry, You’re to concerned by negetive publisity.
    The truth is something else.

  8. Looks like an ekranoplan to me. Youtube “Caspean Sea Monster” to see what I’m on about. Neat idea but so very flawed that it never really caught on.

    If this is the best Iran can do then I’m not worried.

  9. i read through the comments and only two guys seem to have gotten the point of these: Bealaskan and 5p. These aren’t air superiority fighters so an F22 won’t ever see one unless he’s chasing it down after it already did its business. These things are anti-ship, pure and simple. The same way they’ve been using small power boats for years. The best way to fight hi-tech is usually with low tech. As far as i remember, a phalanx CIWS can engage a target on the water, but it has to “see” it. That’s gonna be the rub.

  10. A subsonic flying boat with armed primarily with small caliber ballistics? Even with the potential for missiles (not something I think they’d do if they’re going to put one of those down on the water, especially with the usual ventral mountings), I don’t see these things serving more than a light harassment or scouting role, and even then, any hot confrontation would mean numerous Iranian casualties. Considering present detection capabilities and Naval alertness in light of incidents like the USS Cole, short of playing a role not unlike the old British Swordfish torpedo bomber (a role that is easily defeated with present technology), I’m seeing more saber rattling and grandstanding than genuine threat increase in this aircraft.

  11. I think the point maybe being missed here.
    You talk about F22’s etc. But if I am on the bridge of a gas or oil tanker……….then the price of oil doubles.

  12. 1. These are coast guard boats – they aren’t naval attack boats.

    2. Every tool has a purpose.

    3. And F22 would have a very hard time shooting something like this down because they are hard to spot on radar.

  13. If F22 can spot a bot at sea, then they can hit it, however, the fly-boat are very cheap and easy to build by. rumor say it cost less $1m. not include gunner,rocket or missile fix. with Iran oil income, they might put each troop with fly-boat to attack the enemy warship fast and in large number by then I don’t think f22 capable of shooting them down if their come in number. Iran fly-boat are not ever have ability to fight back the raptor.

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