Have a heavy lifting job? Call a Skylifter.

Believe it or not, what you see in this image here is a blimp. Yes, I realize that most blimps are cigar-shaped, and this one is more like a frisbee on a pole, but this Skylifter has an advantage over most conventional airships: it can lift 150 tons.

Don’t ask me what you would possibly lift with such a device, but this is 700 times the load of a heavy cargo helicopter.

Of course, you will need a massive disc 500 feet across, which would be about the size of a football stadium.

I’m sure a lot of you are thinking that this is one of those cool concepts that never comes to being. Honestly, it does look like something from science fiction like Cloud City from the Star Wars series or the big space station around Earth that appears in many Star Trek movies.

However, the company actually has a working prototype of this vessel that they call Betty. It is only ten feet wide, and can only carry one pound. If that is true, that seems a little inefficient. However, the prototype taught the company how to make something that can carry heavier loads. According to my Source, the plan is to carry loads with stops for every 1200 miles.


4 thoughts on “Have a heavy lifting job? Call a Skylifter.”

  1. 10 feet wide for 1 pound may sound inefficient, but as you scale things up in volume , it does work out pretty good… Remember, lift/volume increase is not linear to width increase.

  2. 700 times the lifting capacity of a helicopter? here’s the math:

    150tons / 700 = 0.214 tons or 214 kg / 472 lb

    I’m not a helicopter engineer, but i’m very sure there are helicopters which can lift way more than 500 pounds… especially if its called a “heavy cargo helicopter”.

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