Floppy Disk Sticky Notes


Ah, the good old days where floppy disks ruled the world, and having a 3.5-inch disk was so much more secure than those 5.25 floppies thanks to the build standard and quality. Well, you can always return to the past with the Floppy Disk Sticky Notes, although these will hold a whole lot less data. After all, as its name suggests, this is a stack of sticky notes for you to get started, writing down reminders and other love notes, depending on the situation. It will be one of the more expensive “floppies” you’ll ever purchase though, retailing for $9.99 per pack of 3 pads, but the nostalgic effect that it delivers could be priceless for the sentimental. These cleverly disguised sticky note pads will come in assorted colors if you’re interested.

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