Jabra partners with Zipcar, unveils Jabra CRUISER


Jabra has decided to work with Zipcar, resulting in the Jabra CRUISER Bluetooth-enabled in-car speakerphone. As we all well know, driving around while talking on your cellphone is dangerous since it not only keeps you distracted from what’s happening on the road and around you, it also occupies one of your hands which makes it all the more dangerous especially when you need to make an emergency maneuver. The Jabra CRUISER Bluetooth-enabled in-car speakerphone is currently available at various retail stores including Verizon Wireless, Best Buy, and AT&T, where it is going for $99 a pop.

It has come to Jabra’s attention that cellphone use when driving is just one of the many distracted driving habits that have become the norm in the US. A global survey was run by Jabra recently in order to get to the nitty gritty of it, realizing that the most common harrowing driving habits include texting, eating, changing clothes (!), operating GPS systems and perhaps, just perhaps, even yelling at other drivers. Not only that, it was found out that only 32 percent of the survey respondents reported they’re using a hands-free device. This is where the Jabra CRUISER comes in, allowing you to talk to your family and loved ones while keeping both hands on the wheel. The Massachusetts House Bill 4466 has seeked to address a handful of these issues, by banning drivers from sending text messages from behind the wheel and by banning drivers under age 18 from using cellphones altogether.

According to Jonas Forsberg, General Manager North America, Mobile Division, GN Netcom, Inc., “Massachusetts joins a growing list of states that have enacted laws to prevent distracted driving while operating a motor vehicle, and while the roads will ultimately be safer, we expect there will be some initial consumer confusion and frustration. Our partnership with Zipcar is to provide their customers with a friendly reminder about the new legislation and a safer communication alternative, which we hope will influence their behaviors when behind the wheel.” Let’s hope that more people would look to the Jabra CRUISER as a viable solution for a hands-free alternative when driving.

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