Lawnmower is world’s fastest, zips by at 96MPH

You know that you are in for a torrid time when your lawnmower can go a whole lot faster than your motorbike. After all, Bobby Cleveland’s crazy idea of kitting out his lawnmower has become reality, where it will go about (on even ground, obviously) at a whopping 96MPH, making it the fastest lawnmower in the world, hands down. Talk about trying to get the chores done quickly! Hopefully at that kind of insane speeds, you won’t run into a stone while riding on it, or cut off several toes and mole heads in the process without realizing so. For those who would like to have one of these puppies at home, chances are you will need to have a lawn that is the same size as that of a football field just to get it up to speed.

Source: DVice

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