Folding bike made to hold a briefcase

by Mark R

There was a time when I rode a bike to work every day, but I worked in a factory and not as an executive. If I was one of those guys that sat in an office and worked behind a desk, I would gladly ride this particular bike.

As you can see, this bike allows the user to put a briefcase right into the bicycle frame. Apparently, the briefcase is made of a fancy carbon fiber in order to keep the shape of the bike. I’m not certain if that increases the weight of the briefcase any.

I’m not certain what you want to put in that briefcase, but I am told the bike can actually fold up. I’m certain that the folded-up bike is too big for the briefcase.

The bike is designed by Marcos Madia, and is a finalist in the Seoul Cycle Design competition. It is still just a concept for now, but give it time, and I’m sure we’ll see a lot of businessmen on the road on bikes like these.

I might not want put a laptop because you could crash your bike and damage your laptop. Then again, if you are riding on a bike in a three-piece suit, there is a strong chance that you might get more than just a little bit of dirt on it.


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