TRON suits look all set for Halloween debut


You know that TRON is going to be big when it hits the cinemas, but as to whether it will be a big flop or a big success, that is another question to ponder over. The TRON suits that you see here are inspired by the upcoming movie itself (best seen in 3D, we believe), where it will boast light-sensitive reflective accents and a silicone hexagon print. Individual pieces can be purchased if you so desire, but for those who like everything as a whole can pick up the full Sam Flynn suit for $995, while Quorra’s will be a wee bit more affordable at $900. In terms of rarity, however, we might suggest you go for the latter since it has half the production run of Sam Flynn’s suit which stands at just 1,000 limited edition sets.

Source: Fashionably Geek

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