Sonamba in-home monitoring system aims to encourage independent living


Growing old is not for sissies, or so I heard. After all, growing old is somewhat like going back to the womb as you have a whole lot of issues to grapple with, including losing your hearing (and mind for others), misplacing your keys and other essential items, not being able to remember names even with familiar faces, and even forgetting why you’ve just entered a particular room. Fret not seniors – you can now extend your independent living while keeping your caregivers informed and connected, courtesy of the new and revolutionary wellbeing monitor known as Sonamba.

The Sonamba is an in-home monitoring system that will come with a seven-inch touchscreen LCD display as well as integrated motion and sound sensors, complete with an emergency button and cellular connectivity — all crammed into a single sleek design which also doubles up as a digital photo frame whenever it isn’t being used actively, now how about that? After all, older folks who are retired surely don’t have that much cash to splash around as compared to their younger years (we’re talking about the norm here and not the exception), so having the Sonamba function as a digital photo frame is always a nice touch to have.

The Sonamba when placed in the senior’s home will be able to helps today’s busy caregiver remain connected to their loved ones who live alone. Caregivers will receive periodic wellbeing text message alerts based on daily activity in the senior’s home, not to mention messages composed by the seniors themselves. Seniors can continue to live independently without worrying too much about their family and caregivers. Good to know this doesn’t need Wi-Fi connectivity or high speed Internet in order to remain connected. The Sonamba will retail for $459.99 a pop with a $39 monthly subscription.

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