Solar Window Light

I usually keep a flashlight near the backdoor of my house, so it’s handy if I need it, but this Solar Window Light would be just as useful.  Instead of grabbing a normal flashlight when you need a little illumination, you could pull this light off of the window.  After hanging out on the window all day long it’ll have plenty of juice to keep you from tripping over random tufts of grass in your backyard.

This comes with 2 AA ni-mh batteries that get charged through the solar panel.  When it’s on you’ll be able to see the full power of 6 LED lights.  Just attach this to a window that gets plenty of light and after it gets a full charge it’s capable for running for up to 12 hours.  You can purchase it for £19.99 or about $32 through Nigel’s Eco Store.

Source: Envirogadget