This robot can do a curved balance beam

by Mark R

Is it just me, or should I just get over the fact that technology has created machines that have mastered the art of perfect balance?

After all, we have Segways that can stand on two wheels, so why not things that can balance on one wheel. Well, we have reported on many machines that can do that. This particular robot is going to be added to the list.

This unicycling robot by Japanese company Murata can not only pedal its way across a straight balance beam, but a curved one as well. You can watch the video of it after the jump if you don’t believe me.

You may notice that it does this balancing act rather slowly, and it has this propeller in front of it for steadying it on its path, presumably.

I admire the look of this thing. It was clearly designed by a Harry Potter fan. After all, it has the face of an owl and the body of a dementor.

I suppose that the next step is to create a robot that can go across a tightrope, but I’m assuming that there is already one like it. Perhaps if you could put curves in a tightrope, this robot could do it.


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