NYC gets snazzy new taxi toppers

That triangle on the top of a taxi hasn’t changed much in recent years.  They’re handy for broadcasting whether or not the Taxi is on duty, but not for much more than that.  Instead of having a taxi with the ugly plastic box on top they could have this far more attractive metal box that is packed full of LED lights.  It’ll allow for companies to advertise on Taxi cabs, plus this little box makes your iPhone run a whole lot better while you’re in the cab.

The EMI emissions from the board are much lower than ever before, which means there’s less radio interference.  That is what makes it so your iPhone works better.  The strong aluminum frames will be able to handle serious weather conditions and the bright LED backing will make advertisements stand out.  These are not just a concept design either, they’re through Bluemap Design in collaboration with Show Media, Inc and Distec GmbH.  Cabs in NYC will already be fitted with this as soon as the end of this month.

Source: Yanko