solves a problem of online shopping

One of the biggest obstacles in online clothes shopping is not knowing if the clothes that you order fit. Even worse is when you buy the clothes and find out they don’t go well with your body shape.

This is why, an Estonian company, has created this robot mannequin. Those sections are designed to shift around to match body measurements such as height, chest, arm length, and torso.

When customers see a shirt that they want to try on, they can input their measurements and see what it looks like before they buy it. I am assuming that Fits.Me has to take many pictures of the particular item in the adjusting mannequin. That, or they have a 3D program that works out those details.

Right now, this mannequin is only designed for the male form, and it can shape-shift into 2,000 male body shapes. I suppose that once the female mannequin prototype is made, there will be a lot of perverts playing with the bust size adjustments.

The virtual fitting room has already been launched earlier this year, and it is being tested at several retailers like Hawes & Curtis in the U.K. and Germany’s Quelle.

I suppose that this technology could do a lot to improve online clothing sales, but we will have to see. The numbers won’t lie on gadgets like this.