The Dart keeps you pets entertained

You know that dogs need both mental and physical exercise, so a tired good is a good dog. As for cats, they tend to find their own things to do whenever you’re not around, and you surely can’t walk a cat to have it shed any excessive energy which might translate to destructive behavior later on. Well, getting a toy for your cat might be a better idea to keep it occupied when you’re not around, where this automatic rotating laser light known as the Dart will feature variable speeds and timer settings, delivering up to 16 exciting play combinations. Perfect for keeping your cat distracted whenever you have other crucial stuff to attend to, and cannot afford to have any distractions. Retailing for $29.99 a pop, it will also help exercise your pets, but it is no substitute for walking your dog (yes, you can use the Dart with pooches as well). Just don’t look at the 360 degree laser straight, otherwise your retina might just burn.