Personal Soup Chef

Chop! Chop! The Personal Soup Chef is perfect for you to get your favorite soup recipe going in no time at all. After all, it is capable of chopping up your vegetables automatically without the price of nagging at you for all your other faulty traits. It is capable of simmering broth at the optimal temperature to make nearly two quarts of homemade soup with minimal human intervention. Inside the soup cooker lies food processing blades that will slice vegetables and gently stir ingredients as they cook. Nice to see the manufacturer throw in a digital timer as well, letting you set it up to 24 hours in advance so that the cooking process can begin even when you are not around. Depending on the soup that you’re cooking, the temperature can be automatically set from 104º F to 248º F to simmer or rapidly boil the contents. There is also a removable basket that keeps herbs, meat, or stock bones immersed in the soup as it cooks yet enables you to easily strain them from the finished dish. Expect to fork out $149.95 for the Personal Soup Chef to fill up hungry stomachs at home.