Las Vegas hotel is unintentional “Death Ray”

This is the Vdara hotel, and it has an amenity that most hotels don’t have: a death ray.

I’m not talking about some big Death Star with the ability to annihilate a planet, but it does make the swimmers more than uncomfortable. As you might have guessed, it is not a deliberate death ray.

No, it is an architectural anomaly that has to do with the building’s concave shape. Put some glass on this, and the sun rays are reflected onto the pool area. The heat is apparently enough to melt plastic bags and even burn some of the guests.

By the way, the designers of the Vdara hotel had some foresight of this problem, and put a film over the glass panes of many of its windows. Still, it created this death ray effect.

Apparently, the Walk Disney Concert Hall, designed by Frank Gehry, the one with the weird curved angles and highly reflective surfaces has caused some similar “death ray” effects. Of course, the worst case scenarios were people who had to turn up their air conditioners.

Well, the way the Vdara is solving this problem is by putting extra umbrellas in the swimming area. Let’s hope that Las Vegas’ new attraction, the Big Magnifying Glass, doesn’t create this much trouble.


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  1. We knew about this while we were building it two years ago. But it was kept hush hush so the tourists would still come. It would get over 170° in the winter months in the RAY!! We always had a good tan though!

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