Kingston Digital releases CompactFlash Ultimate 600x memory card


Mention the name Kingston Digital and chances are you will have flash memory come into your mind, with tons of USB flash drives as well as memory cards being released by the manufacturer to date. Of course, I’m pretty sure that all of us own at least one Kingston USB flash drive that we picked up at the shop or even at trade shows. Well, the company has just rolled out its latest CompactFlash Ultimate 600x memory card to the masses recently, where it is capable of supporting UDMA mode 6 and offers read and write speeds of up to 90MB/seconds – now how about that? Such performance figures would automatically boost the Kingston Digital CompactFlash Ultimate 600x memory card to the top of the pile in terms of speed, making it suitable for high-end digital cameras and other devices.

According to Mike Kuppinger, Flash card product manager, Kingston, “The Kingston CF Ultimate 600x cards are great for photographers shooting in burst mode. For example, in a situation like a wedding or sporting event where the ability to rapidly take successive shots could make the difference between capturing the perfect shot or just missing it. We are pleased to add the 600x card to our CompactFlash family of products which also includes the 266x Ultimate and 133x Elite Pro cards.”

Just how many capacities do you expect the CF Ultimate 600x to come in? Well, it won’t be able to max out like the SDXC format at 64GB, but will come in 16GB and 32GB capacities that are capable of supporting large file sizes created when shooting in RAW mode or HD video. When working in tandem with UDMA mode 6 enabled cameras and readers, the 600x speed will make room for data to write to and read from the card at a faster rate than previous generations of cards. Not only that, you also have added peace of mind thanks to a free downloadable data recovery software from MediaRECOVER. All purchases will come with a lifetime warranty and 24/7 live technical support, so sleep easy, sharpshooter.

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