Levytator takes escalators to a whole new level

by Mark R

I’m sure you have noticed that using an escalator can traditionally take you up or down, and in a straight line.

The Levytator (pronounced like levitate-or) is designed to take escalators to all sorts of dimensions. As you can see in this picture, these escalators are very curved.

There is a video of this technology after the jump so you can see it demonstrated. You can see that an escalator can be put along a structure, and how one of these can go up, down, around curves, and even make flat moving sidewalks.

The video doesn’t give me any indication how this works. As far as I know, an escalator is nothing more than a tank tread that can somehow move into a stair-step form. The Levytator can somehow keep its shape throughout.

However, once they get this technology perfected, just think about how cool it would be to have museums with moving walkways and stairs so tourists can simply stand and relax while the movement is being done for them.

Hey, I got a weird idea. Is there any way that the Levytator could somehow branch off? So if you are on a Levytator going around a certain exhibit, you might come to a fork in the road?

Oh, it will be amazing to see what is next for escalators.


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AllenN Says: October 1, 2010 at 6:01 pm

Your site constantly crashes. However, your levytator escalator? Try visiting the San Francisco Shopping Centre at 865 Market at Powell Sts in San Francisco, CA. They have a couple of curving escalators, one going up and the other down, that curves around a huge atrium. You can literally see most of the stores on the floor.

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