Yes, someone taught a robot to shoot an arrow in the air

Clearly someone didn’t think robots that shampoo your hair is enough. In fact, someone decided to teach a robot a skill that is still a rite of passage in some tribes: using a bow and arrow.

You can watch the video of this robot after the jump as it takes aim, and progressively getting closer to the bulls-eye.

I’m going to give you a spoiler and say that the video shows the development team with apples on their heads. Hopefully, the next phase of this project isn’t to have the robot go all William Tell on their heads.

Yeah, maybe it’s just me, but I’m not really comfortable with the idea of teaching a robot how to shoot a weapon, even if it is only a bow and arrow. It can only end with a heavy machine gun, which is far easier to trigger.

This robot looks a little familiar, and I can’t help wondering if we’ve reported on it before. It also looks a little creepy. I don’t know who put the headdress on it, but does anyone think this might be slightly offensive to Native Americans?

The robot’s look also reminds me of the end of Short Circuit 2, when Johnny Five goes all punk to catch the rogue bank robber. If you haven’t seen that one, then you should.