LED Escape Light shows you exactly where to go, emphasis on exactly

by Mark R

Emergency lights are quite necessary in case of a fire or power outage, but it isn’t always clear which way you should run.

This is a concept known as the LED Escape light, and it allows the victim of an emergency to actually see where to run. It has a “portable LED electric torch which will feature an integrated projector to project a map so that you can find your way out accurately”.

I have an idea of how to improve on this. What if there is a way to project images of the green silhouettes that you see in this picture. Maybe they can be moving across the walls with some working projector lights.

Of course, someone has to be the guy who charges the batteries on these guys. I guess emergency lights have to have some sort of program on them to make certain that they are charged.

I have worked at two companies where power outages have occurred, and there was always emergency lighting. I always wondered how the emergency lights could light up if there was a power outage. Why aren’t all the lights powered like the emergency lights so there would be no power outages?

I suppose we’ll be seeing this, should it ever get developed.


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Spanky Says: September 27, 2010 at 9:18 pm

Not an expert, but besides the normal power supply, emergency lights have a separate control circuit that is used to determine if the power was switched off normally or if the power has failed. The control circuit is fail safe, so if the power fails or the cable is damaged, it will stay illuminated.

All the emergency lights I’ve dealt with have automatically charged their internal battery from the regular mains supply, so as long as the mains is connected, they will be charged – no need for a manual intervention. Different countries may require that the batteries in emergency lights be tested at specific intervals however.

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