Sanyo PLC-HF10000L QuaDrive projector lights up the world

Sanyo’s PLC-HF10000L QuaDrive projector is something that you might want to look into if you have the budget as well as the needs – after all, those who want an authentic cinematic experience would do well to check it out. Boasting a resolution of 2048 x 1080 pixels which by far exceeds the requirements for Full HD resolution, it will come equipped with Sanyo-exclusive QuaDrive technology, making it a native widescreen 3LCD projector that can deliver a mind-shattering 10,000 ANSI lumen brightness with a very wide color gamut, making it the perfect solution if you want to target mid- to large venue presentation markets. Check out what the Sanyo PLC-HF10000L QuaDrive projector has to offer in the extended post.

First of all, more on Sanyo’s QuaDrive technology – it will be able to throw in a yellow color control device to the red, green and blue elements of the projector’s existing 3LCD system. Being able to automatically control the amount of yellow light in the image, you can expect to see improvements in color accuracy, resulting in a wider color gamut while enabling higher brightness levels. This technology first rolled out in 2008, and has seen leaps and bounds made since then of course. Being the first QuaDrive projector capable of Real 2K resolution without any image compression, the Sanyo PLC-HF10000L will feature dual high-output lamps, a combination of three internal mirrors as well as Sanyo’s very own Durable Inorganic Optical System (D.I.O.S.) that will work in tandem with QuaDrive to deliver a 3,000:1 contrast ratio.

As for maintenance, you need not fret that much thanks to Sanyo’s Active Maintenance Filter (AMF) system which will aid long-term reliability and reduce maintenance costs, simply by monitoring the intake air volume via the filter. Besides, this system will automatically advance the “cartridge-like” filter media to provide a clean surface once reduced airflow through the filter is detected. You also have nearly 12 lens options to choose from, depending on the venue requirements. Other features include picture-in-picture or picture-by-picture modes, a Color Matching function, built-in LAN networking capability, HDMI 1.3; DVI-D; D-sub 15 pin RGB; BNC for RGBHV and CV/Y-Pb/Cb-Pr/Cr; and S-Video input options. The price to pay? A wallet busting $34,995.

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