Windoro robot can do Windows

by Mark R

Sure, many people have Roombas and other related products for cleaning up their floors, but very few robot products do windows.

In fact, this Windoro product could be the first of its type that I have ever seen. It was developed by South Korea’s Pohang Institute of Intelligent Robotics (PIRO), and it was shown off at IFA Berlin 2010.

Windoro uses both water, detergent, and rotating pads to clean the glass on both sides of the window. Apparently, these sides of the robot window washer are held together by the neodymium magnets.

I suppose that this would be good for cleaning off a sliding glass door or something, not tiny individual window panes. However, I think where this is really needed are high-rise office buildings with glass facades. Unfortunately, you need someone on both sides of the glass. So I guess you will need that guy who hangs off of the cables outside and some guy inside to put on the other end. You will also need that guy on the inside when you go down a floor.

Yeah, the Windoro might not be too efficient now, but I applaud any design for a robot that will clean windows. I think we all know that people hate doing them.


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