SunBriteTV delivers 22-inch all-weather outdoor display


For those who run establishments that need a TV outdoors (al fresco dining, anyone?), or for folks who have a really large back yard and want to enjoy their favorite series and movies privately, why not consider what SunBriteTV has to offer? This unique 22-inch all-weather outdoor display was specially concocted to cater for either category, making a splash at CEDIA EXPO 2010. The 2220HD will be available from October 15th onwards for $2,095, and before you go about screaming just how expensive that is for a 22-inch TV, hear us out in the extended post. Do not judge a book by its cover, and in this case, don’t judge a consumer electronics appliance by its price.

According to Lynn Stearn, SunBriteTV’s Vice President of sales and marketing, “Great things do come in smaller packages. Model 2220HD is designed to meet the needs of CEDIA dealers who are looking for multi-room integration for the up-close-and-personal viewing areas, such as the barbecue, for the spa or any other commercial and residential applications with space restrictions.”

The 2220HD model, as you can tell by its name (and mentioned earlier), is a 22-inch 1386 x 768 pixel HD LCD TV. It boasts a corrosion-resistant, powder-coated aluminum exterior that ensures the TV’s sensitive innards will be protected from rain, dirt, insects and other extreme weather conditions. Thanks to the company’s very own Multi-Fan Airflow System, the TV is capable of remaining as cool as a cucumber even in temperatures of up to 122 degrees. Other features include variable fan-speed that is controlled by the TV’s internal thermostat, hence increasing cooling as required while keeping fan noise to a minimum. The TV also has a thermostatically-controlled heater which will activate automatically to prevent condensation from happening, letting you use it safely outdoors in temperatures as low as -24 degrees F.

No full HD though, so you have got to be wary of that just in case you thought that you can now enjoy your favorite Blu-ray movies in 1080p glory. Are you interested in bringing one of these puppies home?

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