Steampunk Scorpion USB Drive

by Ally

If you’re still on the lookout for the perfect rustic looking USB drive, this one isn’t too badly priced.  It actually has a minor flaw so it’s slightly cheaper.  It’s the perfect deal for anyone dying to own something steampunk, but can’t actually stomach the price tag.  Plus, it helps if you’re into all things covered in scorpions.

This 4GB USB drive is made out of a brass tube with an etched scorpion on one side.  Above the scorpion is an amethyst cabochon.  It turns out that amethyst is meant to strengthen memory, so they decided that a memory stick could use the extra boost.  As for the flaw, the cabochon has a slight hole that only shows when it’s plugged in.  You can purchase it for $99 through Etsy.

Source: Gizmowatch

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