This faucet tells you how much water you’re getting from it

by Mark R

We have covered a lot of interesting faucet concepts in the past, such as the spacial interaction one, the one that requires not touching to turn on.

This is another concept known as the “No More No Less”. It allows the user to specify the amount of water that you get before you even turn it on.

So you know how you have recipes that call for certain cups of water? You will be able to get that amount from the faucet itself, without ever using a measuring cup. Considering I have a way of losing measuring cups, I wouldn’t mind having this on my faucet.

By the way, this faucet is able to control the temperature of the water as well as the amount. All of this control is possible with an LCD display.

In case you are wondering what is powering the display. Consider it hydroelectric. Somehow, all of the water gushing through this faucet can power up this screen. I don’t think there is any technology on the market that can do this yet, is there?

Well, like I said, this is a concept for now. However, I can easily see something like this being in the most organized kitchens in the world. Perhaps Martha Stewart should get this.


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