Tokyo Game Show reveals iPad App with a virtual kiss

by Mark R

It would appear that there are more fun with virtual girlfriends going on at the Tokyo Game Show.

Just yesterday, we were discussing how to give your virtual girlfriend a massage with a Wii Balance Board. This one is a way to give your virtual girlfriend a kiss. I’ve got a video after the jump, and you should watch it. It’s just funny.

This iPad App is developed by Japan’s Neuro Sky and Double Crane. It requires that the user wear some sort of headband that can monitor sensory feedback. Apparently, if you can concentrate and relax enough, the supermodel photo will turn and kiss you.

You can choose from five models, and I would assume that you can kiss the touchscreen for some sort of reciprocation. I guess that’s fine if you want to pretend that you are kissing your lady friend when she is on the other side of a glass window. I’m guessing the iPad will be warmer.

I think that I have seen games with headbands and sensory motors, but these are for those levitation games like the Jedi one that came out a few years ago.

I don’t seem to have any date when this App is coming to the iPad, or how to purchase the headband that you would need to get your virtual kiss.

concentrate game
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