Boomcases utilize old suitcases

by Ally

Although Big Thumpy sounds like a 7 year old’s pet rabit, it’s actually a pretty cool set of speakers.  These BoomCases are made to be incredibly portable, so if you plan to have parties in random places this device would be nice to have around.  Plus, you’ll look incredibly cool carrying this around in public.  Just try to keep a firm hold on it so no one takes off with it.

This line was created by Mr. Simo and oddly it’s even a little environmentally friendly.  Instead of using shiny new cases for his audio concoctions, he creates them using refurbished cases and luggage.  All of the cases are self-powered and will run for about 7 hours.  It, like any set of speakers, will hook up to any iPod or random media device.  In order to get a nicer sound the creator prefers wood and leather, while avoiding using plastic completely.  The prices for these cases start out at $250 and go up from there.

Source: Gearlog

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