Yubz Classic Tube Speaker

by Ally

If you love all that looks old and just a little bit like it’s out of a science fiction movie, then the classic tube speaker is for you.  I have come across one of these before, but this one has more color options to add to the mix.  Instead of just selling black and silver, they have a bright cheerful pink version.  It appears that even the lights inside of the tubes are pink.

These Classic Tube Speakers operate as a USB hub as well as playing music for the whole room to hear.  To make things even better, the bulbs will glow and blink in time with the music you’re playing.  These Yubz speakers are lightweight and offer a great way to make your desk look just a little bit different.  Right now the price has not actually been announced on these, but hopefully that information will come along soon.  I imagine it will since the press release states that it was originally intended to ship out in late September.

Source: ChipChick

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