Verbatim Clip-its USB Drive

USB drives are pretty simple and seem to keep shrinking in size.  That’s great for portability, but sometimes you just feel like you should get a little more bang for your buck.  Well these Verbatim Clip-its add just enough extra that they could come in very handy.  Instead of carrying your USB drive in a bag, you could clip it to something like a notebook you use regularly.

Plus, when you need to release information, you could clip these to some paperwork.  All around these would be nice to have.  That clip would make them easier to keep track of rather than the USB drives attached to straps or chains.  These are supposed to become available in both 2GB and 4GB, but pricing and where they’ll be released is a little bit up in the air.  These are listed on the UK site, but nothing on the US website.

Source: OhGizmo