Trek Support Backpack

by Mark R

This is the Trek Support backpack. It is designed to hold a lot of electrical devices, and charge them as well.

The Trek Support backpack is made to charge any device via USB such as cell phones, cameras, MP3 players, and laptops. All that is required is to plug it into the wall.

This device is good for when you have some downtime in between flights, and you’re waiting at some place with an outlet. Just plug in the extension cord, and you’ll get that juice you will need.

The Trek can even charge them as you go, like the Energysport for the bike that we reported on yesterday. Of course, the backpack isn’t powered by kinetic energy, as the rechargeable battery has to be fully charged for juice-on-the-go.

In case you are wondering, this backpack is “checkpoint friendly”. Not only that, it has mesh pockets for specific gadgets, and it can also hold a 15-inch laptop. It even has a rack to hold all these gadgets while they are charging.

I kind of like the aesthetic of this backpack. If characters in Tron were to wear backpacks, then they would probably look like this. This is a Quirky product, and the pre-order price is about $130, and the eventual final price would be $150.


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