MP3 Cap for hands-free tunes


Some people just love the cap as a fashion accessory, and it also does its job of keeping your hair in place whenever you go outside, while protecting your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun. Well, how about a cap that plays back your favorite tunes at the same time? Enter the MP3 Cap, and by its name, you can tell that this fashion accessory will sport a built-in MP3 player alongside speakers to do away with the need for headphones or earbuds, although those who are sitting around you on a bus or train might not be too pleased with your choice of music. Ideal for joggers, cyclists and gardeners, it is the perfect portable entertainment tool that helps you remain fully aware of your surroundings so that you won’t run yourself into an accident literally. Features include a patented digital sound processing chip, a seven-channel equalizer, a microSD memory card slot and 2GB of internal memory. Its rechargeable Li-ion battery can deliver up to 30 hours of playing time from a 3-hour charge, and all files can be transferred via USB. The MP3 Cap can adorn your head for $99.95.

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