Energysport Charges Gadgets While You Ride Your Bicycle

by Ally

When you commute everyday using a car, you can easily charge up your device along the way.  However, riding a bike you might run into some snags in that area.  You don’t exactly have those handy little areas to plug your small gadgets in with.  This concept design is one that triest to change that by forcing your bike to generate a bit of juice as you go.

This isn’t the first bicycle generator I’ve come across, but the concept version is far prettier.  If you can’t wait for the concept to come into production though, there is always the Instructables tutorial that tells you how to make something a whole lot like this.  It would be nice if something like this did actually become an item you could pick up at the store.  After all, not all of us are exactly talented when it comes to building a generator.

Source: Gearlog

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