Poor Little Goldfish Sink

This particular gadget illustrates how important it is to conserve water. When you are using this sink to wash your hands, the fish loses its real estate if you take too much time.

Yes, the water level in the fish bowl will actually go down if you are scrubbing your hands too long. In case you are wondering, there are safety features so the fish won’t have all of its precious water taken away.

Just to let you know, you are not using the same water that a fish inhabiting. It’s just made to appear that way. The truth is the fish water drains underneath the sink, and then will return to normal.

This Poor Little Fishbowl sink is still a concept from Chinese designer Yan Lu, and it really isn’t made to replace every sink. In fact, I would best classify it as some sort of art project with a very obvious message.

I suppose that if one were to mass-produce these things, they could be put into schools. Just think of all the kids who would think that their water wasting is draining the ocean dry.

I remember my first grade teacher warned us about spending too much time at the water fountain. She said we would “drink the ocean”. Just imagine if my teacher had this Poor Little Fishbowl concept. Talk about a terrific visual illustration on water wastage.