Scratch & Scroll mousepad


A mousepad is a mousepad is a mousepad, right? Wrong! That’s not what ThinkGeek had in mind with the Scratch & Scroll mousepad, where it does not only offer a surface for you to work on (instead of glass that hates most mice’s optical eye), it also doubles up as a notepad for you to furiously scribble down whatever inspiration you received at that very moment – perhaps an Eureka opportunity? Functioning just like your childhood Magic Slate, this unique mousepad can be erased just about any time you like simply by lifting up the top sheet. You will be able to bring home the Scratch & Scroll mousepad for $12.99 a pop. Notes can be jotted down on the mousepad using a finger or via its built-in plastic stylus, so make sure you have a piece of tissue ready all the time to wipe it clean from greasy finger use.

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