Oregon Scientific Maranello Ferrari Clock

by Ally

Ferrari has yet again found a way to put their name on another gadget for Ferrari race fans to salivate over.  Oregon Scientific products have been around for a while, offering you the temperature, weather and the time.  Well this Ferrari version is very much the same, it just has a couple more benefits to make this a slightly more high end version of the usual Oregon Scientific products.

The clock itself projects the time onto any surface of your choosing.  It also has the usual weather forecast as well as both indoor and outdoor temperatures.  You can even get the official time by synchronizing the clock and calendar to the official U.S. atomic clock through the radio frequency broadcast.  When the alarm sounds you can make it sound like a Ferrari racing engine or the usual boring beep.  You can purchase it in Ferrari Red for $154.99 through Amazon.

Source: SlipperyBrick

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