Ittiam has new Android-powered video phone


We don’t suppose that you have heard of the name Ittiam before. Fret not, neither have we. This is a spanking new Android-powered video phone that will feature HD playback capability in the H.264 VGA format. This full frame rate video phone will feature 720p media playback with TI’s OMAP3530 processor running the show from within. What’s the whole point of this offering from Ittiam? Well, it is meant to facilitate designs where portability and low power are of prime importance. Not only that, this software solution will also encapsulate Ittiam’s proven technologies in audio video synchronization, echo cancellation, communication grade latency, interoperability and quality of service over public networks.

Ittiam intends to take full advantage of the OMAP3530 device architecture in order to handle uniquely architected high definition (HD) codecs from the company itself, thanks to their multi-core design. These optimized codecs will be able to assist ODMs in delivering high-quality HD playback and recording capability on OMAP3530 processor-based Android devices. Not only that, the media system’s extensions to the underlying Android framework will also enable enable a wide range of standard Android applications to run on the media-rich low-power OMAP3530 processor.

This video phone system is a snap to integrate video communication into other consumer-oriented, Android-based products, where among them would include tablets, desktop video phones, smartphones, Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs), and digital photo frames among others. The software itself was specially designed to deliver a rich, HD video entertainment experience, not to mention high-quality life-like video communication. How much will it cost? That’s what all bosses ask in the end anyways. Well, this consumer/enterprise class system can be licensed in a flexible production model, merging an upfront fee and a royalty-per-unit of production.

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XENOPA Says: October 8, 2010 at 3:54 am

I dont usually reply to posts but I will in this case. WoW 🙂

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