DIY LED Bottle Chandelier

by Ally

If you’re looking for a project that’ll add a little mood lighting to your home, this tutorial could help you out with that problem.  It will require some electrical work obviously, so you’ll need to have a little skill in that area.  Plus, you’ll need a little bit of a artistic touch and creativity to give this some extra flare.  Then of course you’ll have to go supply shopping to get all the necessary tiems.

You’ll need screw top bottles, frosting spray, cable ties, circular wooden board and a whole lot more.  The tools are far more simple, an electric hand drill, pliers, side cutters and a soldering iron.  The light is packed full of color changing LED lights that will keep you entertained.  Like all  Instructables it’s broken down into 6 simple little steps.  You can read up on what it’ll take by going to the link below.

Source: Instructables

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