USB LED Desk Lamp

Working in the dark is no fun, and while we understand that you sometimes need to get work done in bed with your partner trying to get some much needed sleep, surely a little bit of light will help? After all, this compromise won’t flood the whole room with light, just a small section of it. Being powered by USB, you can easily connect it to your notebook’s USB port and its dozen LEDs will come to life. With the ability to be rotated up to 270° to be at the perfect angle just the way you like it, you can also opt to have it run off a trio of AA batteries whenever a powered USB port is not available. At $9.99 a pop, it will cater for your basic illuminating needs, but don’t expect to perform surgery under it.

3 thoughts on “USB LED Desk Lamp”

  1. This item is fine if you plan to power it via USB.

    However, do NOT put batteries in it like I did. Within 5 minutes of being powered by batteries, one of the LEDs burst (and another was close) and started melting the plastic inside the lamp.

  2. I have this but the the LED’s aren’t bright and the battery drains super fast. I went to buy the Brazo and the IMG Lighting Beacon LED desk lamps. More expensive for sure but these lamp have super crisp lighting and the IMG Lighting Beacon is unbelievably really bright – 500 + lumens. Brazo has a cool design.

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