Twistits help you get more organized

While many devices these days have taken the wireless route, that doesn’t mean we are already able to live the wire-free life. Hence, cables are still part and parcel of your everyday life, and sometimes just like the experiences that we go through, it can twist and end up in a tangled mess. To get more organized, why not enlist the help of Twistits? These fast, flexible, and reusable cable organizers will come in packages of 20, but we aren’t too keen on the idea of choosing from either black or white colors. Still, we can’t really argue with the $8.99 price point although those living in less developed countries that have a weak currency might shun this and prefer to rely on rubber bands instead since those are a whole lot more affordable. Basically, Twistits are reminiscent of phone cords of yore, where they can be used to secure all kinds of cables and cords in your home or workspace.