Toshiba rocks with new BDX3000 Blu-ray model


When the PS3 first came out, it was touted to be one of the most cost effective Blu-ray players on the market, and Sony was right about that. Well, fast forward a few years and you have Toshiba’s BDX3000 arrive for $249.99, where it is not only capable of handling all your Blu-ray collection, but it will also deliver Full HD Blu-ray 3D playback alongside a suite of streaming content, comprehensive audio support, and complementary design. Purists might argue that this is the Blu-ray player to get, although we still think that the Sony PS3 delivers much more value for your money at a price point that is not too far away considering the fact that you can play high quality visual games on it, and the PS3 itself will be getting stereoscopic 3D movie support in the next firmware update (version 3.50) that will come in the near future.

With the BDX3000’s ability to handle Blu-ray 3D Discs, it will definitely go a long way in augmenting its broad range of features. Similar to other Blu-ray players from Toshiba, this model will also come with Wi-Fi connectivity to provide you with wireless access to streaming movies, television shows, music, and more. All it takes is but a single push of a button for you to retrieve content from BLOCKBUSTER On Demand, Netflix, VUDU, and Pandora in an instant. Of course, if wireless connectivity is not your thing, it will also come with a standard Ethernet connection for those who want surefire quality.

Other specifications and features include Full HD 1080p resolution at a smooth 24fps, the ability to upconvert standard DVDs to near HD quality, playback support of video, photos, and music from a USB or SD/SDHC card on a connected HDTV. You can also access bonus features (BD-Live and Bonus View) with its Internet connection, including social networking and chat features, interactive websites and games, unique trailers, or commentary from directors, the cast, and more, as available on select Blu-ray discs.

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