Signal Boosting Wi-Fi Antenna

If you happen to live in an area where getting good Wi-Fi reception is nigh impossible, what solution is there for you? We dread to think of the kind of place which you will need to stay at if you can’t even receive a Wi-Fi signal from the next room (maximum security prison, anyone?). Well, good thing there is a solution even if you stay in a nuclear bunker – the Signal Boosting Wi-Fi Antenna. We hope that this $59.95 device will certainly work as advertised, where it is touted to increase your home computer network’s wireless speed and reliability in areas of weak signal strength. This patented device will come in a spatially-diverse design that has been specially optimized to receive signals in all polarizations, where a spherical signal pattern goes about capturing weak signals that lesser antennas drop, resulting in better reception, which will be especially beneficial for streaming video. It can hook up to your current wireless router, replacing only the physical antenna so there is no need for software installation or reconfiguration.