NES Controller iPhone 4 Decal

Sure, your iPhone is shiny, new and very modern, but you still can’t help but love that old technology from years before.  After all, you spent hours perfecting your skill on your Nintendo NES, so you might as well show it a litle love.  Besides, your iPhone needs a little something to make it a ibt more personalized.  Otherwise you’re stuck carrying around one clone of thousands.

These are full color vinyl stickers that can be slapped on the back of your phone.  Thankfully the creators really didn’t want some cheap decal on the back of your expensive iPhone 4, so they used the high quality materials instead of cheap stickers from your local office supply store.  Despite the higher quality materials, it won’t cost you too much.  You can currently pick one up through Etsy for $5 a piece.

Source: GeekyGadgets