AnyBook DRP-4000 lets you record reading for your kids

by Mark R

There is something magical about reading to a kid. You can get a real special feeling from that. However, you might notice that after the one thousandth time, the specialness really wears off. I guess kids have this ability to hear or watch things over and over again and don’t get sick of them.

I suppose you could get a PMP or a Teddy Ruxpin to read them the story, but that is a little impersonal. So why not put your own voice on the story reader?

This is the AnyBook DRP-4000, and it has the ability to record someone’s voice. What you need to do is read a page, and somehow that soundfile gets represented on a sticker. Then the AnyBook DRP-4000 reader scans it, and reads it to your child.

This looks like an item that Leap Frog would put out, and I would have to go back to what I said about this being impersonal.

Just imagine a scene from a movie where a father is not spending time with his son. His son wants him to read him a story, and the father then gives him an AnyBook DRP-4000 reader. Just picture what kind of scene that sets up. “Daddy would read you the story, son, but he’s too tired to do the work right now.”

The AnyBook DRP-4000 will be available in October for approximately $60.


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