Tokyo Institute of Technology’s Robot Grasshopper

Stop for a minute and consider what would happen if we decided to completely follow the example of animals, and all of our cars had four legs instead of wheels.

Better yet, what if we had followed the model of the insects, and we all had “cars” that looked like grasshoppers. So not only would they crawl around, but they could also leap.

Perhaps this would be the aesthetic of the Air Hopper. This is a robotic grasshopper created by the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Unlike a real grasshopper, it only has four legs, and it has wheels. Like a real grasshopper, it can actually jump. It can reach a distance of about four feet forward and one foot up, actually.

I normally would like to have a video of this so you can see how cool this is, but I don’t have one this time. Instead, just imagine a rush hour traffic jam with a bunch of grasshopper cars. It could be crazy as they try and hop over each other.

Of course, I don’t see why this robot grasshopper technology could be used in something else other than vehicles. At this point, I don’t know what, but I’m sure the Tokyo Institute had some sort of plan.


2 thoughts on “Tokyo Institute of Technology’s Robot Grasshopper”

  1. No thanks! For those that have their morning java on their way to work, this vehicle would cause accidents. It’s dangerous period. Imagine it lands on a kid running across the road or some old lady. Yeah, keep cars on the road and if you want air- buy an airplane ticket.

  2. yeah i agree with huki world because it is very dangerous if u want to get rid of traffic jam think something else not grasshooper car

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