iArm is a hoot for iPad owners

Are you the life of the company, as well as the resident joker? Well, if you happen to own an iPad or tablet device, then you might be interested to check out what the iArm could do for you. Potentially being one of the more interesting Apple accessories out there, this forearm mount will “empower” you with an additional arm. Capable of attaching to iPads, tablet PCs, eReaders, cell phones, and others, the iArm tips the scales at a mere 4.5 lbs. and is fully adjustable, The iArm itself will let you tote your favorite device with you, where the optional “multi-mount” allows you to secure up to three more items simultaneously. There is only one problem with this though, it has yet to roll off from the production line, although you can purchase an empty box of promises for $8.

Source: ChipChick