Dog Poop Powered Park Lamp

by Ally

Lamps in parks need something to keep them powered and that means the city is taking care of that bill and burning up precious energy all so you can have a midnight stroll.  Well now your freeloading pooch can do its part to make your park a little more environmentally friendly.  The Park Spark is a system that uses your dog poop to power the lights in the park.

This is already in use in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  It works by you picking up your poop with the usual biodegradable bag and then you put the poop in a tube within the Park Spark.  You then turn the crank and it’ll turn that poop into methane gases.  Those gases then rise up and combust.  Hopefully more parks will start using this method to keep frequent dog lover parks up and going.

Source: Newlaunches

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hukiworld Says: September 15, 2010 at 2:51 pm

Most awesome!!!!

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