Rubber band gun costs more than real gun, inflicts less harm

by Mark R

I don’t think I have had a rubber band fight for quite a while. I think that is because they usually end with someone getting hit in the eye, either accidentally or on purpose.

If I was ever in another rubber band fight, I would definitely want to have the Rubber Band Gatling Gun on my side. This bad boy is made for about one hundred rubber bands, which will be shot as quickly as the user can crank it out. You can see it on a video after the jump, with “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor” playing in the background.

I would imagine that it probably takes a long time to load up, but it has barrels of different lengths, so you can adjust for more powerful rubber bands.

I think I once saw one of these made of Lego, and it was pretty kickin’. This one is made of aluminum, and has a tripod so you can swivel mount and shoot this thing. It also has a CNC machined Black Delrin handle for comfortable grip.

The weirdest thing is that this gun will cost you more than a real gun. It comes in blue as well as black and red for a price of $500.


4 reviews or comments Says: September 16, 2010 at 12:26 pm

i think i’ll stay with the firewheel.

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