Movie Theater Bus

In the late 1960’s, the UK’s Ministry of Technology was commissioned to make seven vans that could be a movie theater.

Apparently, there was very little movie watching done on these things, as these vans sat around in disrepair for years. However, this one has been “painstakingly restored and outfitted with an all new theater system”.

There is a full inventory of what equipment it actually has at my Source link. One of them is an Epson EH-TW3500 LCD projector.

Now, if only all buses have a movie theater on them. Man, I would gladly have taken the bus to school if I knew there was a movie on it.

Of course, my bus didn’t take two hours to get to school, so we couldn’t watch a full movie or anything. Knowing my luck, they would have probably shown those short educational films that looked old back when I was young. The sound wasn’t dependable on those reel-to-reel jobs.

Still, perhaps there should be movies on every Greyhound bus for those real long trips. Of course, I can see a lot of people that would mind having a movie theater on their bus.

Also, what if the movie theater bus had an accident? It would be weird to watch the end of Avatar only to find that the bus has rolled over. That’s a little too much realism.