Damascus Touchscreen Cell Phone

I know, I also had the same raised eyebrow look when I first chanced upon the Damascus Touchscreen Cell Phone. Just what the heck is this? Does it hail from Damascus? Why are there Care Bears Shine rays coming out of it? Well, for just $63.42, you can have the answers to all those questions, although reading through this blog post will also shed additional light on the handset. This phone will come with a transparent crystal keypad (warning to butterfingers!), where it can light up with 7 different colors to further enhance its sex appeal. Not only that, you get quad-band GSM support, dual SIM card slots, an advanced G-sensor, a 2.2-inch touchscreen display, a microSD memory card slot as well as Bluetooth connectivity. Oh yeah, and for trivia’s sake – it is called “Damascus” because it includes a special Muslim-themed startup/shutdown music and animation. A certain pastor from Florida sure as heck ain’t gonna be dropping $65 clams for this!